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                        YD-14P Tissue Processor new


                        Is a bench-top linear closed tissue processor, a compact instrument designed with latest technology for complete automatic dehydration and infiltration of biological samples, up to final paraffin bath. Includes 14 stations for simultaneous processing of two samples baskets programmable separately. All the reagent and paraffin containers are closed to prevent evaporation. Ion filter prevent solvent odors and pollution. YD-14P1.5 can be programmed for immediate or delayed start, immersion time can be set from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

                        All the operating parameters, like station time, temperatures, dripping time, can be easy set by the touch-screen panel, as well as daily, weekend and weekly programming. Temperatures are regulated via electronic thermostat with microprocessor. User can set up to 6 the different programs

                        Number of Stations 14
                        Number of Reagent Stations 10 
                        Number of Paraffin Stations 4
                        Number of storable programs 6 
                        Total samples capacity 150 (75 each basket) 
                        Station capacity 1500 ml 
                        Programmable infiltration time for station: From 1 min. to 99 h 59 min. 
                        Paraffin temperature range: From 50°C to 75°C increments 1°C 
                        Agitation(Basket shaking): 4 times every 20 min. 
                        Delayed start: 99h 99 min. 
                        Drain time: 0 sec. to 99 sec. 
                        UPS: (Optional accessory ) 
                        Nominal supply voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz 110 V / 60 Hz 
                        Maximum power draw: 1000 V/A 
                        Dimension Width: 140 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 55 cm 
                        Gross weight :Weight:142 Kg

                        Standard Accessory 
                        1 Power Wire
                        2 pcs Fuse

                        See Price list for more detail !


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