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                        J-E2-1 Paraffin Block Cabinet(6 drawers without lock)


                        Specification information :

                        The base use Cold-rolled steel plate SPCC1.2 from Baosteel; the cabinet use Cold-rolled steel plate 0.8; the drawer use Cold-rolled steel plate 0.8.
                        The biomedical paraffin block cabinet has three independent cabinet, each cabinet has six drawers, totally 18 drawers. Paraffin wax block can be put freely with its size. It can store totally around 11,000 blocks.
                        Size: H1295 x W450 x D478 mm
                        Weight: 80kgs
                        Specialized slide drawer, ABS slide plate.
                        Surface treatment: Defatted oil, Table regulator, Zinc phosphating, passivation, Powder spraying.
                        Slot: The slot is made by special mold.
                        Mark groove: Integration forming

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