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                        YD-2900 Tissue Processor


                        Product Features  :
                        YD-2900 automatic tissue processor is an equipment that perform fixing, dehydrating. Transparency and wax immersing treatment for tissue of human beings. Animals or plants. It is widely applied in pathologic departments of various hospitals. Pathologic teaching offices of various medical colleges and universities, animal and plant scientific research institute and food inspection department. YD2900 tissue processor has following feature:
                        1.Microcomputer control of the whole operating process so as to ensure operating convenience and working stability.
                        2.Tissue basket relocating controlling perch enabling the tissue to be put in any jar.
                        3.Electricity protection and obstacle protection functions.
                        4.Agitation dehydrate mode to guarantee the complete mix and contact with the tissue, solvent and paraffin so as to achieve good dehydrate effect.
                        5.Lager touch screen showing every step of processing and easy for monitoring.
                        6.Timing: delay timing max 99 hour 59 min, jar process timing max 99hour 59 min timing increment:1min.
                        7.Constant temperature controlling system adopted on the paraffin jar to ensure high precision of temperature controlling, nonstick TEFLON coating painted on the internal surface that provide the good condition for tissue protection.
                        8.There are 8 programs selectable.
                        9.Battery backup for 4 hour expect the paraffin jar.
                        10.Adopted with electric look and password for specific person use.

                        Technical specification:
                        1.Carousel type with 12 stations.
                        Basic instrument 
                        Vacuum function
                        Hood with active charcoal filter and fume exhaust fan(size:980*900*900mm)
                        3.Option: two basket loading.
                        4.Tissue baskets made of metal with varying capacities of up to 100 cassettes.( two basket loading is 200 cassettes )
                        5.Tissue basket stirring 1 minute interval every 4 minutes inside the container.
                        6.Battery backup 4 hours(except wax baths)
                        7.Ergonomic control panel with foil-protected keyboard and LCD.
                        8.Infiltration time separately programmable for each station.
                        9.Easy editing and changing of programs, even during a processing run.
                        10.Audible alarms, error messages and warning codes.
                        11.Wax baths:
                        Number:2(3 optional)
                        Temperature range:45 ºC-85 ºC
                        12.Reagent containers:

                        13.Programmable infiltration time
                        Per station:99 h 59 min
                        Delayed start: 99 h 59 min
                        14.Programs Number:8,freely selectable
                        15.Vacuum device pressure,max.0.05MPa(approx 0.5 bar)
                        16.Standard tissue baskets:
                        Size: ∮120×100mm  and∮120×80mm
                        Number:1(2 optional)
                        Capacity:max,100 cassettes
                        17.Dry weight:80kg
                        18.Product dimension:780mm*570mm*690mm
                        19.Electrical specifications:
                        Nominal voltage:110/220V AC±10%
                        Nominal frequency:50/60Hz

                        Standard Accessory 
                        1 Basket 
                        2 pcs Fuse
                        1 Power Wire 

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