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                        YD-AB3 Tissue Floatation and Baking Processor


                        Specification information :

                        The product with a compact and light structure, which integrates the function of spreading and baking .lt is easy to operate and stable in performance.A widely used in hospitals, medical colleges, health, and epidemic prevention, animal and plant science research institu-tions, and other departments, that is a project approval equipment for carrying out pathological research and teaching.

                        •Adopted new heating materials to ensure stability in performance, accurate temperature control, heating evenly, and energy conservation.
                        •Functions of floatation and baking independent of heating function and temperature control.
                        •LCD touch screen shows time, date, temperature, and other functions.
                        •Automatic memory function stored the last set temperature.
                        •lf the system shuts down suddenly, it will correct errors automatically when restarted.
                        •Adopted timing and alarm function.
                        •Special material with strong resistance to avoid abrasion and corrosion.
                        •The shutter baking area is equipped with drain strips, which is convenient for placing more slides and draining the water rapidly.

                        Water Temperature for floatation

                        0-99C(max adjustable and thermostatic

                        Temperature for baking

                        0-99°C(max)adjustable and thermostatic

                        Temperature or drying

                        0-99°C(max)adjustable and thermostatic

                        Capacity of water bath


                        Capacity of drying tank

                        235×195×75mm(4dyeing racks)

                        Capacity of Slide baking

                        ≤70pcs Microscope Slides

                        Time to reach the set temperature


                        Voltage and power

                        220V/50Hzor 110V/60Hz

                        lemperature precision


                        Environment temperature




                        Net weight



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